Detroit – is this city still alive?

‘Detroit is dead’ – this phrase appears frequently in the media, when the post-industrial glory of the United States is mentioned. High crime and unemployment, streets ruled by gangs, deserted neighborhoods … Can you still find beautiful places, aesthetic oasis and enlightened people in the city, which this year declared bankruptcy (which in the U.S. is an epitome of capitalist largest fall)? Of course. They are everywhere. You just have to take a good look around.

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Public transport in this city practically doesn’t exist, so before sightseeing I recommend to eat a big American breakfast. A great choice would be the Avalon International Breads, which, as the name suggests, provides a range of products based on fresh bread. The perfect place for your morning dose of energy. The local coffee will put you on your feet, and lunch in the sun will give a positive tune for the day.  

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Despite the fact that the city is largely neglected, you can still find here some architectural gems. Detroit experienced its golden years in the 50’s and 60’s. At that time impressive factories and public buildings were created. Money were not the issue, because the city was one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. The Guardian Building, once called ‘the cathedral of trade’, beautifully decorated with mosaics is a perfect example of art deco architecture. Despite the great problems of the city the authorities care so that this particular building, inscribed in 1989 on the list of National Register of Historic Places, always proudly represented Detroit. It is significant that on the roof for almost one hundred years flies the flag of the United States.

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If you choose to visit Detroit I recommend to stay at the Robert Riverwalk hotel. Elegant interiors recall the heyday of the city, but they are not gloomy in any way. Quite the opposite – they give respite and rest after an intense events of the day. Today, Detroit is a major concern for the United States, but the city is still alive, interesting and fascinating. It turns out that on the ruins of former glory life can still go on.  

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