Mechanical animals by Theo Jansen

A physicist Theo Jansen makes an unusual mixture of science and art, creating complicated mechanisms moved by the wind. They look so phenomenal, that should be a must on the list of things to see while visiting the Netherlands!

At first glance, these kinetic sculptures resemble huge, majestic animals, and from a distance they look quite lifelike. Theo Jansen structures consist of a thin plastic tubes and bottles lemonade connected in such a way that their movement is enough wind force. Creation arise from … twenty-six years! You can see them on the Dutch beaches – the best in their testing large, flat surfaces.

A walk along the beach is like a journey to another planet! They are designed not just to make yourself move, but also to survive regardless of human and – as the artist desires – in the future, simply inhabit beaches.

Theo calls them “new forms of life,” or new forms of life. All they are moving sideways, like a crab, and “nose” are always directed toward the wind. As explained Theo, they do not need food – derive energy from the wind, so they are completely self-sufficient, while Deceptively real, living organisms.




If you want to hear themselves as artist talks about his magical creatures, a look of his lecture. What do you think about them? Please share your views on our Fanpage!

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